Combat (16)

Anchor Stops your motion when you are hover a hole, allowing you to fall in place
Aura Attacks entities in range, with customizable modes
AutoArmor Automatically equips or replaces current armor with the best armor in inventory Also allows a key to be set to switch your chest item with an elytra or chestplate, depending which is equipped
AutoCrystal Automatically places and breaks crystals to attempt to kill all enemies in range Very configurable, with option to use 1.13 placement Working on 2b2t
AutoLog Automatically logs out when a health requirement is met, or a geared player comes in render, and optionally when you have no totems left in your inventory
AutoPot Throws an instant health potion at your feet from anywhere in your inventory when the health requirement is met
AutoTotem Automatically replenishes your offhand with a Totem of Undying, this pauses while offhand is enabled
AutoTrap Traps an enemy with obsidian. Usable while running
CombatNotifier Displays in chat how many times a player near you died, and how many totems they popped
Criticals Turns all your attacks into criticals, working on 2b2t
Offhand Switches your offhand to a gap or a crystal, depending on user's mode. Has option to disable when a lethal crystal is detected
Quiver Automatically shoots yourself with any beneficial arrow effects in your inventory Usable while auraing
SelfWeb Places a cobweb at your feet and optionally at your head instantly
Surround Surrounds you with obsidian so you can protect yourself from crystals
Trigger Automatically attacks entities in the crosshair
Velocity Allows you to control your velocity, to allow for anti-knockback and nopush

Exploit (10)
AntiHunger Makes you take way less hunger loss by spoofing ground and cancelling sprint packets
LiquidInteract Allows you to place on top of liquids
NewChunks Highlights chunks that are new marked by the server
NoMineAnimation Cancels the mining animation visual for other players on your current mined block
NoMiningTrace Allows you to mine through entities
PacketFly Allows you to fly and phase by sending invalid packets to the server Timer is configurable in PacketFly itself to allow this to work on 2b2t
PingSpoof Allows you to spoof your ping up to a 2000 increase
PortalGodMode Abuses an exploit that allows you to take no damage when you enter a portal, however you won't be able to move
Reach Allows you to interact with entities or blocks farther than normal
Swing Allows you to cancel, or spoof your swing packets

Movement (25)
AutoMount Automatically mounts onto entities around you
AutoPilot Elytra pathfinder bot in development
AutoWalk Holds down the forward key
Baritone Allows you to modify settings for baritone
Blink Abuses an exploit that allows you to hold movement packets and send them in a burst, effectively teleporting
BlockFly Allows you to "fly" by placing blocks in quick succession, this is like scaffold tower mode
ElytraFlight An advanced elytra flying mod, allowing you to take total control of your elytra
EntityControl Allows you to fully control entities without saddles
EntitySpeed Allows you to modify the speed of your riding entity
Fall Stops all motion and forces you to fall when the fall key is held down
FastSwim Allows you to move faster in water
Flight Allows you to freely fly
IceSpeed Allows you to walk faster on all types of ice
Jesus Allows you to walk on water, or use water like a trampoline Works on 2b2t
LongJump Automatically jumps far when you move
NoFall Allows you to take no falldamage on AAC or vanilla servers, or pullback on NCP servers
NoRotate Doesn't let the server change your clientside rotations
NoSlow Allows you to use to walk while guis or open, and prevents items from slowing you down
Parkour Automatically jumps off the edge of the block
ReverseStep Makes you fall down faster off a block
SafeWalk Allows you to walk on the side of blocks, as if you were sneaking
Speed Allows you go fast on NCP, AAC and Vanilla servers
Sprint Allows you to always keep the sprint key down, or sprint in all directions
Step Allows you to climb up blocks on NCP/Vanilla servers. You can go up to 2.5 blocks on NCP servers
YawLock Locks your yaw to one of the cardinal directions

Render (10)
BreadCrumbs Draws a path from the places you have gone through
Brightness Allows you to see even the darkest spots
Chams See entities through walls
CityESP Highlights blocks of enemies that you can city in CrystalPVP
ClickGUI Allows you to modify different elements of the client and gui
Compass Renders a compass around your player of each of the cardinal directions
DamageHUD Renders a red overlay at screen corners based on health
ESP Outlines entities
Freecam Allows you to move your camera away from your body, can be used to watch baritone
HitEffects Renders text where an action happens, like explosion or hits on a player, has SuperheroFX mode
HoleESP Shows bedrock and obsidian holes for CrystalPVP
NameProtect Displays friends with their alias in NameTags and chat
NameTags Makes the players nametags more visible and shows extra information about it
NoBob Prevents the bobbing effect while walking
NoRender Prevents rendering certain things in the world, like fire, fog, portals, etc
Radar Displays nearby entities in a triangle around your crosshair
RangeVisualizer Renders a circle around where you and enemies can place
Skeleton Renders the skeleton of player entities
SmallShield Allows you to modify how far your offhand item will render
Tooltips Allows you to preview your enderchest, shulkers and maps in your inventory, and optionally view the contents of shulkers on the ground in a 3D preview
Tracers Draws lines to entities around you
ViewClip Makes 3rd person view a lot more usable
Wallhack Allows you to see through walls to find caves, and optionally ores
Weather Allows you to modify the weather clientside

Misc (10)
AntiAim Spinbot
AntiDisconnect Gives a confirmation screen before force quitting or disconnecting
AntiPacketBan Stops chunkbans from packet overflow for vanilla servers.
AntiVanish Notifies when a player enters /vanish mode
AutoAccept Automatically accepts /tpa requests from friends
AutoReconnect Automatically reconnects to the server when you get disconnected
AutoRespawn Automatically respawns when you die
ChatNotifier Notifies you in chat when a module is enabled/disabled, customizable for category
Friends Globally enables/disables the friend system
Middle Click Friends Allows you to middle click on players to add or remove them as a friend
NoInteract Disallows specific player interactions
NoSoundLag Cancels certain sound packets that causes the client to freeze up
PacketCancel Prevents sending certain packets to the server
Refill Replenishes your hotbar if the stack is compatible with another stack from your inventory
StashFinder Logs stashes that you load
XCarry Allows you to use your crafting slots as extra inventory space

World (10)
AutoMine Holds down left click while mining
Avoid Avoids fire, cactus, and optionally unloaded chunks
FastPlace Allows you to change the placing delay, and optionally a key to drop XP at feet without switching clientside
NoGlitchBlocks Waits for the server to confirm a block has been destroyed/placed
Scaffold Places blocks on your feet and around you, configurable for thickness.
Speedmine Allows you to mine blocks faster
Timer Allows you to change the clientside tick speed